Blog devoted to none other than British Male Model, Freddie Stoker. Freddie is nineteen and currently studying history at university. He is represented by Bananas, Elite, request and sight model management.
P.S. This is NOT Freddie himself :)

Today it has been one year since the start of this blog and I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you, amazing and inspirational followers, for all your support and kind words! This blog would be nothing without all of you! :) 

Anonymous asked:

freddie is such a doll. keep up the beautiful work! <3

Oh my gosh! Thank you soo much! I really appreciate this, and yeah he is!    :D

Anonymous asked:

Working with Freddie soon, any burning questions?

Oh my god, amazing of you to ask! I haven’t seen him this season, so I hope he’s around and well! There are many but probably just if he has seen the blog and if he likes it! Thanks for asking! Xx

Anonymous asked:

whens his birthday

If I’m not mistaken, it’s 31st of May :)